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Bitdefender Mobile Security

Best protection for Mobile devices

  • Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android gives your mobile devices absolute protection against viruses and malware.

  • Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS is a mobile app especially designed to keep your sensitive data safe from prying eyes.



  • Best protection for your Android smartphone and tablet
  • Protects you from falling victim to link-based mobile scams IMPROVED
  • Secure VPN for a fast, anonymous and safe experience while surfing the web – 200 MB/ day IMPROVED
  • Remotely locate, lock and wipe your Android device in case of loss or theft
  • Account Privacy that verifies whether your email account has been breached
  • Minimal impact on battery life


Bitdefender`s mobile security app keeps your Android device safe from all new and existing online threats.

Malware Scanner: Receive in-depth information about the type of threats you are protected against, so you know first-hand you’ve made the right choice to safeguard your Android devices.

On Demand & On Install Scan: Scan your Android phone or tablet any time to make sure all your apps are clean. Plus, the antivirus module automatically scans each app once you install it, and immediately lets you know whether it poses any danger.

Web Protection: Browsing the Internet can take you to dangerous places, but Bitdefender Android security is always there to protect you. Our anti-phishing system scans webpages and warns you when you come across fraudulent pages.

Scam Alert: Keeps mobile devices safe from phishing, scam and fraud attempts by scanning suspicious links received via texts, messaging apps and notifications. Also halts propagation by preventing forwarding of these links.

Wear ON: WearON extends mobile security to your smart watch. And if you don’t know where your phone is, use WearON from your Android to activate a sound alert so you can easily find it. Receive an alert when you step too far away from your phone, so you never leave it behind.

Anti Theft: With Bitdefender Anti-Theft, you can remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to your device in case of loss or theft. Plus, your Android phone is capable of self-defense: it snaps a mugshot of anyone who tries to tamper with it in your absence, then sends it to you in your Bitdefender Central account.


Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android reacts instantly to online threats without compromising your system’s performance.

Autopilot: Bitdefender Autopilot is designed to act as a Security Advisor and to give you deeper insights into your security posture. Its smart capabilities mean that it can recommend security actions in the context of your system needs and usage patterns.

Battery & Performance Saver: Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android to give you the most effective protection, combined with efficient power management. Since most heavy lifting takes place in the cloud, it doesn’t drain your device’s resources, and your battery life remains virtually unaffected.

Fast & Lightweight: Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is amazingly powerful against malware, yet easy on your phone’s resources, so you won’t see any negative impact on performance. On-demand scanning is lightning fast, and the app only adds a second to the reboot time.


Bitdefender’s mobile security app takes care of your online privacy and personal information.

Bitdefender VPN: With Bitdefender VPN, you can stop worrying about privacy on the web. It protects your online presence by encrypting all Internet traffic. Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android includes up to 200 MB per day of encrypted traffic for your Android device.

App Lock: App Lock protects your most sensitive apps so no one can mess with your settings or private info. Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android adds an extra layer of protection by giving you the possibility to lock apps with a PIN code. With Smart Unlock, you can set your phone to allow direct access to your protected apps when using a trusted Wi-Fi network.

Account Privacy: Check if your online accounts have been involved in any data breaches. With so many popular websites and apps issuing warnings about database leaks, it’s easy to lose track of your exposed accounts. Account Privacy notifies you when your sensitive data is at risk, and lets you take action depending on its status.


  • Get the most powerful protection against threats with the least impact on battery
  • Protect your personal data: passwords, address, social and financial information
  • Easily check your phone security to detect and fix misconfigurations that might expose it
  • Avoid accidental data exposure and misuse for all installed apps
  • Scan your device to achieve optimal security and privacy settings
  • Gain usage insights into your online activity and history of prevented incidents
  • Check your online accounts against data breaches
  • Encrypt all internet traffic with the included VPN

What Risks Apply To iOS Devices?

Your phone has become your camera, your wallet, your assistant. It stores sensitive information that can be used to harm you.

You're as exposed as any other user to accessing a phishing website that can steal your credit card info when shopping online.

You can’t know what information the apps installed on your phone send in the background or how securely they handle it.

Your data could be sent in plain text over the internet without you knowing.

You might access a link from a scam email that tries to impersonate your bank and asks for your account credentials.

You can fill in your personal information on a sign up form that mimics a legitimate website.

You could access a public Wi-Fi and all your traffic can be intercepted by an attacker.

Get absolute protection against threats. Designed for your iOS devices

Bitdefender Mobile Security’s Web Protection filters traffic from all apps and blocks everything that poses a threat to your data. It also adds an encryption layer to prevent your data from being mishandled.

The included Bitdefender VPN offers an extra layer of privacy that secures all your traffic on public networks to so attackers can’t intercept it.

Safely fill in online forms, use apps and browse online without the unsettling feeling that your data can fall into the wrong hands if you’re not paying enough attention.Use your phone worry-free.

Best Protection for your iOS devices

You get the most innovative technologies that predict, prevent, detect and remediate even the latest cyber-threats, anywhere in the world.

Protects your personal data. Your passwords, address, social and financial information are now safe.

Prevents interception. You can use your card online without worrying that your financial data will be stolen.

Helps you stay safe. You can easily scan your phone to learn if there are any misconfigurations that put your data at risk and close those gaps to enjoy complete security.

Filters traffic for all apps. It’s not just your browsing activity that gets protected. Any app on your iPhone that sends information over the internet is prevented from misusing it.

Provides usage insights. See what your online activity looks like: daily usage, traffic categorization and incidents prevented.

Minimal impact on battery life. Offers the most powerful protection against threats with the least impact on battery.

Mobile Backup

Today our smartphones and tablets are integral to our daily lives. That means it’s critical to back up the contacts, calendar appointments,

photos, videos and other files they contain.

Our mobile backup ensures you have frequent, reliable and safe copies created automatically, keeping that data safe and making it easy to restore files when needed.

How Common Is Mobile Data Loss


of device owners have had one stolen


devices are lost or stolen around the world every hour

70 Million

smartphones are lost each year

Easier Access Greater Flexibility

Constantly Connected

Enjoy continuous connectivity from secure, redundant cloud systems

Multi Platform

Use the device you want: we support Android and iOS devices

Versatile Recovery

Restore everything or just retrieve the individual file you want

Effortless Backup

Back up mobile devices automatically via Wi-Fi to a local Mac or PC

Version Control

Manage the number of backup versions and how long to keep them

Always In Control

Remotely manage the backups for all your devices via a single dashboard

Advanced Encryption

Files sent to backup are protected by enterprise-grade encryption

Secure Storage

Our data centers boast superior security and are SSAE-18 certified.

Dual protection

Local and cloud backups mean you always have a safe, clean copy

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